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The future of automotive production and testing

20 January 2017
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It is not unique nowadays, when a multinational company is referring to autonomous driving, IoT, or industry 4.0, yet it is amazing to see how these new trends are flooding the World today.
These technologies are inevitable from the aspects of design, manufacturing and servicing of quality products. That's the reason why we can be happy to see how these new engineering solutions are both directly and indirectly fostering the benefits of quality (and quality management). Let's start our newspaper review with Forbes that just published an IoT 2017 outlook. Although the article is not automotive focused, it provides a comprehensive briefing about the rapid growth of Iot, and "smart future".
Siemens (known about its advanced industrial solutions) has released a cool summary about the future of manufacturing in 7 points. My favourite sentence in the item: "The software is used to virtually develop and extensively test products before even a single screw is turned in real life. With this technology, products reach the market as much as 50 percent faster, with at least the same level of quality achieved without PLM".
Thyssenkrupp shared information about their new test plant in Lichtenstein, which is planned to be completed in 2019. They have a very similar approach, but now related to testing and validation: "The results of the various test series will feed automatically into our digital test models. New software-based analyses will allow us to identify the relevant development parameters and test them in a virtual environment. This will make prototyping significantly more efficient and save on cost-intensive development time" - Dr. Karsten Kroos.
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