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AUDI and NVIDIA joins forces for our very near autonomous future

10 January 2017
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The Consumer Electric Show 2017 in Los Angeles is covering the top-notch companies of technology.
Although the German carmaker has more than a decade-long partnership with NVIDIA, the two companies announced their new collaboration at the Consumer Electric Show (CES). The new, ambitious plan is to put the World’s most advanced AI car on the road by 2020.
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Audi is adopting the NVIDIA DRIVE™ PX 2 platform, Source:;
The newest collaboration starts with the adoption of Nvidia's NVIDIA DRIVE™ PX 2 system, which is an open AI car computing platform using deep learning to understand the car’s surroundings. This system is using Nvidia DriveWorks, which is a software development kit (SDK) for partner companies to create built-in system applications for path planning, object detection and map localization. Through this approach, the platform enables automakers and tier 1 suppliers to accelerate production of automated and autonomous vehicles.
"DRIVE PX 2 can understand in real-time what's happening around the vehicle, precisely locate itself on an HD map, and plan a safe path forward. It's the world's most advanced self-driving car platform—combining deep learning, sensor fusion, and surround vision to change the driving experience." – Nvidia
Audi demonstrated the solution with a self-driving demo, giving a ride to CES attendees in the backseat of an Audi Q7.
Note: Nvidia is already in partnership with many OEMs (e.g. BMW, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Volvo, etc.) in order to integrate GPU technology into navigation, infotainment and advanced driver-assistant systems.
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