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New quality management portal has launched:!

10 January 2017
Twitter logo LinkedIn logo is dedicated to encourage quality mindset by publishing information about quality planning and quality management, and last but not least, serving companies that provide solutions to improve product and process quality.
qMindset is excited to announce the launch of its quality management portal, under the domain of The portal aims to be a community hub for the world of quality management, focusing on factual information. The site features relevant topics that are available without registration (registration is only needed for the DISQUS forums), such as:
  • Knowledge Base, including Quality Terms and Links which offers information about general and automotive-specific quality management tools, methods, processes and frameworks.
  • Quality, automotive industry and technology related news and events.
  • Entity database of corporations and institutions active in the world of quality.
New features will come online as the site evolves and expands. For a limited time, the entire portal is free to use, maintaining it with limited advertisements. In case you experience any problems with the website, or if you have any questions, please contact us at
Welcome to qMindset!
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