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Quality knowledge base - article QA-0020
Updated on 05-01-2017

Initial Sampling Inspection Report (ISIR)

Initial Sampling Inspection Report is a report about the VDA-specific procedure to release first samples, produced under serial conditions, and is generally requested and accepted by German car manufacturers. The German automakers also refer to the report as Erstmusterprüfbericht (EMPB).
ISIR is very similar to the PPAP, and also provides a systematic overview of sample parts, that need to be evaluated before large scale production. Despite the scope of ISIR is the same, its structure differs from the PPAP, made by AIAG.
The ISIR consists of a front page, and various attachments as of test results sheets. The tests are categorized as follows:
  • Dimensional inspection.
  • Function inspection.
  • Material inspection.
  • Reliability inspection.
  • Visual inspection.
  • Attributive inspection.
All inspection results must be listed in details, but the general format itself helps the user not to miss any necessary information. The form of the front page is very structured, and self-explaining, thus it helps to rapidly review the summary about the sampling procedure of a part.
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Key Features
The front page of the ISIR contains two major blocks. The first block is filled by the supplier, enlisting the following information:
  • Contact data, company ID numbers, responsible persons involved on behalf of the supplier and the customer.
  • Submission level, and the reason for submission.
  • Enclosures, inspected characteristics (24 points).
  • Details of the part (part number, name, drawing number and status its status, weight of the part, delivery quantity, and the IMDS number).
  • Comments, dates and signatures.
The second block of the front page is generally a summary of the customer’s decision, as follows:
  • Approval information (check-boxes) about the 24 points.
  • Information about conditional approval (restrictions, validity, etc.).
  • Comments, dates and signatures.
The customer has the right to reject, or to conditionally release the sampling, and giving a deadline for re-sampling in case of deviations arise.
After the front page, the ISIR document package contains the test result forms, which the customer signs off as well. These forms include both the product related test results, and the process related documents. The following table enlists the 24 points of the ISIR package:
ISIR Elements
Product related test results Process related documents
01 – Dimension test 11 – Design FMEA
02 – Function test 12 – Construction release
03 – Materials test 13 – Process FMEA
04 – Haptic test 14 – Process flow chart
05 – Acoustic test 15 – Production control plan
06 – Odor test 16 – Process capability verification
07 – Appearance test 17 – Test equipment list
08 – Surface test 18 – Inspection device capability verification
09 – EMC test 19 – EU safety data sheet
10 – Reliability test 20 – Materials data sheet
21 – Means of transport / packaging
22 – Certificates
23 – Process acceptance
24 - Others
Concluding an ISIR is easy as the PPAP, because they overlap each other by having similar content. This also means, that some points can be attached one-to-one (e.g. a process capability analysis, or an MSA study).
It is suggested to store reference samples, and the ISIR documentation digitally for long term (15 years), so it can be accessed later for many purposes.
Sample parts which are subject of the ISIR have to be marked / labelled before submission.
  • ISIR stand for Initial Sampling Inspection Report.
  • The ISIR summarized the test results of initial samples, that were produced under serial circumstances.
  • ISIR is very similar to PPAP, having very similar content, but requested by the German automotive supply chain.
  • ISIR has been created by the German Association of Automotive Industry (VDA).
  • The VDA standard Volume 2 is regulating the ISIR procedure (production process and product approval).
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