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Quality knowledge base - article QA-0037
Updated on 05-01-2017

Golden Sample

A Golden Sample is a master piece, which is theoretically "perfect", and represents the desired manufacturing process. What does perfect mean? The golden sample not only has all characteristics and test results in the specification range, but in the middle of it (as close to nominal values as possible).
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Key Features
Usually golden samples are used in serial production to assess attributes of the actual series. If we intend to assess our actually produced part for a given characteristic, the golden sample is a good reference to be compared with.
To keep and store golden samples is recommended for later use, as they represent what the company is capable of in terms of production. In case of products that are already in serial production, new customers may ask golden samples from their potential suppliers. This way, the golden sample is a tool of decision making, and serves the purchasing process.
Use your first sample (e.g. PPAP) production as a source of golden samples, because it represents your latest design, and your original process parameters. If your produced parts are on the optimum, keep some of them for internal use (on top of the master samples, which must be stored anyway).
You can also select golden samples for specific characteristics, which are on the optimum level (optimum means nominal or very near to nominal values), for example:
  • Sample with optimum finishing quality.
  • Sample with optimum dimensions.
  • Sample with optimum soldering, welding quality, etc.
  • Golden sample is a piece, which is theoretically "perfect" and represents the desired manufacturing process.
  • Golden sample can be used to compare it with actual production.
  • The particular characteristics of the golden sample are not just in the specification range, but at the nominal value.
  • It is recommended to keep golden samples (on top of the master samples, which were produced during the first sample production).
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